Boys Under 10 Reds


Nathan Gilligan


Nathan Gilligan, Ahem Alameri

Overview and league

The under 10 Reds were first formed in 2016 and have remained a close-knit side competing at the top end of the Surrey Youth Leagues ever since. Building long-lasting friendships both off and on the pitch and loving the game has always been central to what this squad is all about. Win, lose or draw, we make the most of every experience.

Objectives for this season

Our key focus at this age is ball mastery and confidence building on the ball. Our training sessions are designed to give the boys as many touches on the ball as possible. We encourage creativity, running with the ball and dribbling. We believe that if our boys can master the basics then the rest takes care of itself. Match day is for the boys. It’s their game and we allow them to enjoy it their way and without pressure.

Last years successes

Although playing non-competitive football, our boys proved their strength as a group and moved up to compete in higher leagues.

Recruiting for players



Train on Thursday evening 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM Beverly Park Summer, Goals New Malden Winter months