Girls Under 16


Amirah Rahman


Sean Mullen

Overview and league

The under 15 blues have now been together for five seasons competing in the Surrey Girls and Women’s League

Objectives for this season

The girls are hoping to increase their knowledge around game understanding and work on their abilities on and off the ball individually and as a team. They also want to grow as a team socially and hope to enjoy playing a vital role in their teams’ successes.

Last years successes

The girls particularly faced difficulties with the experience of moving from 9 aside to the 11 aside game and losing team members throughout the season. Despite this, they continued to show determination, courage and great team sportsmanship to complete their season with their heads held high.

Recruiting for players

Not presently


Train on Wednesday evening 7 – 8pm (Alexander Recreation Ground, Tolworth) Winter venue Kingston University Sports Ground, Tolworth