Boys Under 9 Reds


Mark Croston


Mark Croston, Samir Jamaluddin

Overview and league

Last year was our first year together as a brand new team but it was great to see how quickly the boys gelled as a team. We have now moved from 5 aside to 7 aside and in the meantime lost one player but gained three others. It is testament to the original players how they have made the new players feel very welcome and to be fair the new boys have already been contributing significantly to the team.

Objectives for this season

As a team our focus is enjoyment and we always try to make sure that both teams are getting the most of out of playing.

This season is another big step for us as we adjust to the 7 aside format on a much bigger pitch, with team members. Our currently focus is to ensure we pass well from the back, have a good awareness ahead, maintain possession and position ourselves well to attack effectively.

Although we have started the season with back to back wins, the key message remains that the boys continue to enjoy themselves.

Last years successes

Overall, we won more games than we lost and drew a few as well. We only had one team that we couldn’t beat, which shows how well the boys played throughout the season.

The boys went into every game with much enthusiasm and drive and enjoyed playing their football, win or lose. We had matches were we lent other teams players, helped out in goal and generally showed incredible sportsmanship.

Recruiting for players


Train on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM Beverly Park Summer, Goals Raynes Park Winter months