Boys Under 14 Blues


Tony Euden, Alec Humphrey


Tony Euden, Alec Humphrey

Overview and league

This group of players are now in their fourth year together at Met Police Youth under our management, with the majority joining as under 11s.Three players are now in their fifth year at the club, having joined as under 10s.

The under 14 Blues have developed into a good footballing side, play the game the right way and have improved significantly each year.

We play in the Surrey Youth Under 14’s Conference league.

Objectives for this season

We continue to work hard on building play from the back, creativity and our passing game in training each week. In games the boys are focusing on bringing a greater level of week to week consistency to their performances, and on closing out games from winning positions more effectively.

Last years successes

The boys developed well last year narrowly missing out on promotion, finishing fifth in the league. At times they played some fantastic football, won more games than they lost and beat all three of the sides in the league who ended up being promoted.

Recruiting for players


Train on Wednesday evening 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM at Kingston University