Boys Under 13 Reds


Mark Sullivan


Ciro Candia

Overview and league

The under 12 Reds have now been together for five seasons having worked their way through the divisions to currently play mid-flight divisional football in the Surrey Youth League.

Objectives for this season

We have 3 new recruits so first objective is to bed them into the team and style of football we are trying to promote. At this tough age we are keen for the boys to grow in all aspects of their lives, from gaining confidence, social skills, taking on extra responsibility among a few other things. We are keen and feel as a group we have a great chance to earn promotion this year off the back a great year last season, being this is their first competitive football league that is the impetus we carry into the first game.

Last years successes

The boys developed well last year winning more games than they lost. We won the NPL tournament this summer and did very well in other tournaments we attended.

Recruiting for players

One more player to make a squad of twelve.


Train on Thursday evening 18:00pm – 19:00pm (Beverly Park Summer, Goals New Malden winter months at 19:00pm – 20:00pm).